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Or Something Like That : Short Stories (2012)

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Or Something Like That is a collection of off-kilter short stories. Humorous, sometimes dark, sometimes
dreamlike & odd.

A stalker comes into your house while you are sleeping and does your dishes and your taxes because he loves you. A teenage D&D enthusiast searches for his lost broadsword and some people to roll 20 sided dice with. Little kids make Molotov cocktails out of beer bottles in retaliation for getting shot in the ass with a salt gun. One aggravated dog and a belligerently drunken ghost wage war over the living room couch. A man goes up against his girlfriend’s cat in a domestic battle for affection; the cat just so happens to be a 1/4 ton blood muzzled lion.

Learn how to use a Tiger Tank to rob a bank to fund your vacation to Fiji. Answer the phone when dead Aunt Joan calls up and gives the winning lottery numbers. What’s more appealing, becoming a stripper or a clown? Meet two donuts who fall in love and try to avoid the big hands swooping down into the box. A little girl who wants nothing more than to get murdered in a toxic lake rather than move to Indiana.

Careen out of control in stolen cars. Take your kids to Burgerland. Come on a date to a supper club on the Ocean where the speaker cabinets are so large they might make your head explode when the band takes the stage with their thousand pound clarinets of doom. 40 stories that will surprise, entertain and probably do your taxes for you while you sleep.

short stories
220 pages
published by Unknown Press 2012